The Norwegian Voice Over Talent
Gudrun Ramfjord

The voice that works

Stemmebutikken – The Voice Shop (the meaning of the name that is)

Stemmebutikken is a professional Voice Over studio with high quality audio equipment and one of Norways most experienced female voices; Gudrun Ramfjord.

Stemmebutikken works closely with several advertising agencies and production companies such as Både Og, WOW Film, Stargate Studios, Widevox Sweden, VoiceArchive Denmark, Krypton, Ambolt Audio and Klipp&Lim.

Stemmebutikken has, since it began in 2003, had international clients such as KLM, Microsoft, Nintendo, Gillette and Toyota among others. Gudrun Ramfjord is also a widely used voice over for national radio and TV, answer-service for telephone systems, audio guides in museums, e-learning and as a documentary voice over for film and TV.